How can the diamond or jewelry be delivered safely?

Once the purchase is confirmed, you would need to decide whether to collect your product at our outlet store or through delivery by our specialist staff when the full payment is paid. Please aware that the delivery service only applied to the city center of Hong Kong.
For international delivery, professional carriers, such as G4S, FedEx and Brinks, would be employed. All of them provide the service of diamond delivery with experience. Extra shipping fee would be charged.
For more information or the status of delivery, please feel free to contact us.

Is returning available if the diamond is different from my expectation?
Can I change it to another product?

We have a 14-day money back guarantee which gives you time to make sure that your purchase is favorable. We would accept returning of merchandise with its original condition and packaging expect custom-made, sized, engraved, damaged items or these which show signs of wear. We would charge a handling fee of 20% and you are also responsible for any returning shipping charges.

How are the backup services?

There are a number of backup services offered for our valuable customers, For example, one time free ring re-sizing and general clearing service. Our staff would provide their best service to customers, and if any further requests are needed, please feel free to ask assistance.

Is DiamondC.com selling diamonds with certificate?

Yes, all diamonds we provide online are sold with certificate. Certificates where grading information of the diamond is shown, are issued by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), Hoge Raad voor Diamond or Diamond High Council (HRD), or America Gem Society (AGS).

What payment methods are available?

There are a number of payment methods which DIamondC.com offers to our customers, including, cash, EPS, bank, transfer, direct deposit, interest fee installment and credit card.

Direct Deposit Detail Information:

Company Name:         Diamond Collection Limited

Account Number:       035 815 889691 160 (USD)

                                  035 815 889691 100 (HKD)

Bank Name:               OCBC Bank, Ltd.

Bank Address:            54 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Swift:                          WIHBHKHH

If I need to collect my diamond at shop, why should I buy online?

“Collecting your diamond/ jewelry at shop” is one of the options for picking up your order. Besides this, you can receive your order by delivery, receiving your diamond/ jewelry staying at home.

Can I design my own ring?

Yes, you can design your own ring. You may draw your own design and bring it to our outlet, our specialist would assist and discuss with you. If the available design do not match it, our specialists would send he design diagram to our factory and produce the specific design for you.

What is fluorescence? Does it affect the brilliance of diamond?

Fluorescence is the visible light naturally emitted when a diamond is exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) light. Thus, fluorescence is only shown under UV light.
As some people believe that fluorescence would lead to the effects of hazy, some people think that fluorescence diamonds are less considerable and the value of such diamond is decreased.
However, recent research results reveal that fluorescence has a positive effect to help diamonds appear whiter. It would be a good choice for customers with limited budget.

What is conflict-free diamond?

Conflict-free diamonds are those which are not obtained through violation of human rights, violence, child labor violations nor misuse of the environment.
In DiamondC.com, only conflict-free diamonds are provided.

How should I determine my budget when buying diamond ring?

Budget varies with customers, difference in conditions and aims of buying diamond ring lead to the difference in budget.
If you want to buy the diamond ring for proposal, you may consider the following reference:
In some culture, there is an unwritten rule – “3 months’ salary should be a minimum budget set by a man for buying a proposal ring”. This amount represents the sincerity of proposal.
If you are buying the jewelry for yourself, you may consider your requirements, and affordability.
If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask for our help.

How to know if the diamond is real or fake?

There are many methods that can be applied to determine whether a diamond is real of fake. The simplest and easiest way to check the laser number with the certificate released from gemological institute, which also include the diamond grading.

What is “hearts and arrows”? Will it increase the value of diamond?

The “Hearts and Arrows” refers to the diamond with the visible perfect symmetry and angles on a round diamond. This effect is seen under special magnification, eight symmetrical hearts can be seen if looking from the bottom; if looking from the top, eight regulate arrows will be shown.
To be a diamond with “hearts and arrows”, it needs the perfect symmetry and angles cut, thus, the value of diamond would be increased. Also, the symbol of “love: makes it popular, and the value raise.

Do I have to pay the diamond online once I placed the order?

It is not necessary to make the payment immediately on DiamondC.com. Once you place your order, our specialist will contact you on the next working day to confirm your order detail, and you can select the payment method afterward.